Monday, March 2, 2015

My Dearest Family,
I´m happy that things at home are just as crazy as usual =) I´ll just say to Jacob that I hope you don´t get too out of hand. I want to come back and see you with both arms and legs and your head the right way on your shoulders. ;) 

This week has been very interesting here in Babahoyo. It´s rained now for 9 days in a row, and it makes working on the other side of the river a real adventure because sometimes it floods overthere at night. But I´ve been really excited with the progress that´s been going on here. When I first got here the people we were teaching were not really progressing, and my companion and I have talked a lot about what we can do to help them progress as families and we were really blessed this week to see three families come to church. We were so happy and the ward was so nice to them. I could really see the hand of the Lord working through so many faithful members. =)

I´ve also had a lot of fun with the pedometer! We average 15,000 steps every day, and the most we´ve had was 16,900, so we´re yet to beat Joseph, but I´ll be sure to tell you, Joseph, when we walk more than 20,000 ;) I was also so happy with the contacts that you sent. They´ve really helped in the afternoon when it´s more hot, and in the evening when it´s raining to still be able to see the streets. Thank you so much for getting right on that.

I was almost asked not to play the piano anymore on Sundays because the members need the help of the singers on the CDs to know the songs, but the Bishop but his foot down and said that there was no better time for the ward to learn how to sing which I thought was funny. I was also grateful that I will get to keep playing. It is actually such a wonderful way to get rid of stress, and Mom I would just like to put another official account and say thank you for all the years of persuasion in helping me with the piano. =)

I hope that everyone has another fantastic week, and I´ll try and stay dry here ;) (They say that after March it stops raining as hard/frequently so we´ll see soon.)

Lots of love,
Elder Hales =)

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