Monday, March 9, 2015

My Dearest Family,
I´m always so happy to hear that everything is going well at home. How exciting that Jacob is leaving for New York! I think that´s very appropriate because he really wanted to see the big city last summer.

That´s so funny that Joseph is competing with me in the pedometer races, (and winning most days). We averaged only 13,000 steps everyday this week. We didn´t go to the other side of the river very much last week where the houses are really far apart, but we´re going there almost everyday this week because hopefully a sister is going to get baptized this Saturday. She´s 70 years old, and is setting an example for all of her family that are less active members. (There were 14 people from just her family in church!) 

There were a lot of changes in our zone today, including the sisters in our ward and the zone leaders that live in our house with us. (And yes Mom we are living in the same house that Elder Brady lived in, and we´re working with a family right now that he baptized almost a year ago and they´re preparing to go to the temple to be sealed. The daughter is not a member.) It´ll be really interesting to see how the zone changes. In three weeks there have been changes in every one of the 8 companionships. 

We also were really lucky to see a wedding that happened this week! Two investigators of the sisters in our ward got married today and are going to be baptized this next Saturday. I was really moved and the father told us while we were helping him get ready in the morning that he never imagined that this would happen to him, but he wants to set a good example for his children. I was so happy and I learned that our own conversion is strengthened so much when we help others in the proceses of conversion.

Other than that we´ve been having a lot of success here in Babahoyo with the members. They´re all really dedicated to helping the ward grow, and now just need to start working together in the goal. =) The members here are all so loving to the missionaries, and I think that´s true world round, but especially here in South America where almost everyone is a convert to the church, and the missionaries have played such an important part in their lives.

I hope you all have a really great week, and I´ll try and do the same =)
Lots of Love,
Elder Hales

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