Monday, March 23, 2015

My Dearest Family,
I´m glad that everyone was able to make it home safely and that Jacob and Dad enjoyed their trips! It´s so fun that they had those opportunities. And I´m glad that Jacob is taking full advantage of his time in high school. 
Isaac, I think it would be so great if you could help the struggling music program. Band really was such an important part of my high school experience, and I made many friends that helped me in hard moments, so you should definitely give it a try!

Here in Babahoyo things keep progressing! I love how animated our members here are. If we give them an idea, then everyone supports us. We´re now going on visits with our Elders Quorum every Tuesday and Thursday night. They are so kind to the investigators and the less active members that come to Sacrament meeting.

Because of the help of a member, one less active member named Ramon is finding his testimony again, and wants to prepare to baptize his children. What a marvelous miracle for the family!

This week I´m super excited because we´re going to the temple twice - once with our ward on Friday, and then as a mission next Monday for a zone conference that we´re going to have in Guayaquil. When we go with the ward we´ll be in the baptistry with the recent converts that we´re working with. When we go with the mission we will be doing a normal temple session.

Things are going really well here. Thank you for always thinking about me. I hope you all have really incredible weeks!
Elder Hales  

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