Monday, August 31, 2015

Dear Family!
I´m excited to hear that everything is going well, and there haven´t been too many dificulties jumping back into the school year. 

I feel so proud of my great brothers for racing so hard! Really there is something so rewarding about practicing hard and then having fun while you perform. Also I´m super proud of Isaac for being in band, and when I get back we have to play some duets in Sacrament meeting! Also I know that I probably shouldn´t make any quick promises, but I think it would be really fun to run with Dad, Emily and Isaac, (and Jacob if he wants to =) ) in the Goblin Valley half marathon. That plus the pre race training should give us lots of time to catch up and swap stories. =)

Our week here was really interesting. We spent two days working in a ward in Guayaquil called ´´Condor´´ and it made me wonder if there was also an "eagle ward" for Jacob to be able to attend:) Then on Wednesday we went to the temple with all the new missionaries and ate breakfast and lunch at President Riggin´s house. 

He talked a lot about how we study and teach the Gospel, and had us watch this video:

Then he asked how often is our personal study like this? Someone tells us to find something, and then we find it and we´re content. He then asked us, "Who knows something about 1 Nephi 3, besides verse number 7?" It was a good reminder to zoom out in our scripture study and try and see the big picture. I thought that was really great advice, and I´m going to try and remember that as I study the mission lessons again. 

Then we got to our sector here on Thursday and started working. My new companion´s name is Elder Cari from Arequipa Perú, and he is such a great and excited missionary! He loves helping people and is a great listener. He is always so sincere about asking for and offering advice, and I think it will be incredibly easy to train with him. =)

This week we´ll need to work really hard to try and make up for some lost time last week, but we´re excited for the challenge, and I hope that you all have great weeks!

You are all in my prayers, and I love you all!
Élder Hales =)

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