Monday, August 10, 2015

Hola mi querida familia!
It sounds like you are all squeezing out all of the summer that´s left. That´s so great that you´ve been able to do so many fun things! That´s also so fun for Isaac that he is going to celebrate his birthday this week! Being a teacher was such a fun time in my life. I still remember all the great times Dad and I had together home teaching. Our home teaching families were so nice to us. =)

I think it´s great, Dad, that you´re practicing your Spanish! Also I think it´s great that you´ll have this chance to do service with the future missionaries in Honduras. The medical exams are really one of the things that is really hard for the youth to get here. There are lots of delays, hold ups, and hidden expenses in the medical system here that makes putting your papers in almost a 9 month process. 

For me it´s very interesting to be in a small branch again. Our branch has about 85 people who come and there are around 420 members. There are a lot of little things that I´ve grown to appreciate about wards. The whole branch seems to revolve around about 6 people (The presidents of classes and quorums) and it´s been a great experience to work so closly with them. They all have such great desires to share the gospel and help the branch grow. 

Yesterday at church there was a great talk about the Armor of God in Sacrament meeting. Hermana Dolores helped us remember that if any part of our armor is weak, then we are in a lot of spiritual trouble. She said, ´´who would want to go to battle in armor that was damaged or sub par?" A great reminder that we constantly need to be looking for how to fortify our weaknesses. 

The only other big news here this week is that an elder that lived with us in our house got transfered today and there´s a new missionary named Elder Taylor that´s living with us now. We both started our missions on August 13th, but he was in the MTC in Provo. We´re going to have to do something fun to celebrate our half way day! =)  We might have to stay in our house because the people in Ecuador are threatening to have a massive shut down of the country that day! There are a lot of people who are not happy with what President Correa is doing and so no one is going to go to work, and they´re going to block the streets on Thursady to try and pressure him into resigning! It sounds like it could get a little crazy!

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support, I feel more and more blessed everyday to have been raised in such a loving and gospel centered home. 

I hope you all enjoy your last full week of summer break! Lots of Love!
Elder Hales =)

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