Monday, April 27, 2015

Mi Querido Familia,
I´m glad that everyone had a fantastic week! Jacob looks like he had a lot of fun at Prom, and I can´t beleive that Emily already starts class this Tuesday! That´s so crazy!

Mom, I´m glad that you are putting such a great example in family history work for all of us. Sometimes I think that we forget that one of the three purposes of the church is to redeem the dead. We found out yesterday that out of all the stakes in Ecuador, Babahoyo is Gthe worst at family history work, and our stake president asked us to work with our recent converts to take more names to the temple. One is really excited and is going to make an account in family search when she gets back from Guayaquil. (She is having an operation.)

So this week has been a little interesting with everyone adapting to the changes. Literally every other campanionship in the zone had a change of sector or of companion except us, so we got to help a lot of people get to know Babahoyo. The new missionaries in our ward are from Canada and Honduras, and are really excited to be working with everyone.

We have been a little short on people to teach this week, so we´ve put a real focus in helping less active members, and I think we have the zone record for number of lessons with less active members in a week. We´ve had so many great experiences helping families that have lost their way a little.

It rained a lot this week, and I have a funny picture of one night when Elder Alucema and I got stuck in the middle of a storm and came home soaking wet. The rain is very random sometimes and a huge storm came out of nowhere!

I hope that everyone is settling down a little, and that everything is going well with you all. I love you so much and can´t wait to talk to you in two weeks!
Lots of Love,
Elder Hales =)
getting drenched on the way home

Visiting this less active sister with the ward missionaries.  She was excited to learn that she could put her scriptures on this tablet.

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