Monday, May 4, 2015

My Dear Family,
I´ll say this first so I don´t forget. We have church at the same time you guys do, (10-1 here) and then ward mission coordination, and ward council until the night. So the first chance Sunday that I´ll have to talk is at 7 pm. (6 pm there.) I hope that´s not a bad time! If not we could also do it at 8 PM at the latest, or we could leave ward council early and talk at 6 PM. Whatever is best for you guys. =)

It sounds like everyone is so busy! Emily in clases, Jacob with his AP tests, (and tightrope walking, that´s cool =) ) and Dad getting ready for his race.   I´m sure that Isaac and Joseph are helping keep the house very calm and quiet. ;) 

Sometimes we feel that all our hard work goes unnoticed but know that I am very proud to have such a hard working family.  I´m super proud of Dad and Jacob. They sound like a real hometeaching machine! Here the home teachers just have one family, but make multiple visits during the month. I think it would be really cool if you guys in your home teaching preparation, (or maybe in your PPI) talked about some of the tips in PMG chapter 10. It will really help you give your message in a powerful way. (And I´m sure Emily would be more than happy to help you if you asked her. =) ) 

We´ve been doing really well here as well. Like last week we had been working really hard with less active members, but this week they presented us to their family members who aren´t members. It was so great to see that they are starting to remember the joy that the gospel brings, and have desires to share it with those they love. 

This week there was also a 5.8 earthquake on Tuesday. It was all anyone talked about for about three days, and it was funny to hear the different reactions from everyone. Some people told us how they felt so afraid, and then my companion from Chile told them that this type of tremor happens every other month in Chile. It was really small. We just felt the beds shaking a little, but we do live on the third story, so maybe it was worse closer to the ground.

I´m super excited to see everyone this Sunday! I hope that you all have nice weeks, and don´t get too overwhelmed. Remember that it´s almost summer! 
I love you all and wish you the best,
Elder Hales =) 

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