Monday, April 13, 2015

Hola Mi Familia!
Wow! It sounds like you all had adventures in the airport, but I guess that means that Emily has one more mission story with her future children haha =) I know that I`ve said this before, but I`m so proud of the great examples of missionary service in our family, and I`m so proud of my favorite sister =)

To answer your question Mom, there has been more rain here but not much more flooding. And only the houses that are right next to the river are on stilts. The rest are normal houses like in the states, just not waterproof so when it rains water leaks inside.

Also I picked up the package this last Monday from your patient Dad, and we`ve already eaten all the double stuffed Oreos between the four of us that live in our apartment. =) Thank you so much for thinking about me! Also, could you also tell Nana and Granpa thank you for the package I just got from them? It was filled with lots of Valentine's Day treats =)

This week we were doing a lot of things to prepare for Saturday. We had such a special baptisimal service on the 11th! Three people got baptized, a single mom (Paola) with her son, (Carlos) and one other teenager named Nahomi. It was so special because the father of Paola is a recent convert, and he`s blind, but he baptized his daughter and was so happy. It`s just another reminder of how the gospel blesses us in our families. =)

But like it always happens after a baptism, we`re a little short on people to teach. Our ward is so great and they have already started helping us to find more people.

I hope you all have a great week! And Emily I hope you enjoy yourself! You deserve a nice few days of rest. =)
Lots of Love,
Elder Hales.
baptism of Nahomi Chang (her father is Chinese)

Paolo and Carlos' baptisms - Paolo was baptized by her blind father who is a recent convert

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