Monday, February 2, 2015

My Dear Family!
Wow, so many exciting things are happening at home!
First of all Dad`s experience with Joseph and the pedometers was so funny, and I`m glad to see that Joseph has not lost his competitive nature. (Joseph and Reid had a contest on Saturday to see who could walk/run the most steps.  Joseph won with over 30,800.) I think I might try and buy a cheap one as well. It would be interesting to see how much walking we are actually doing in a day.
I was super happy to hear that Jacob`s first date went well! And even if it was a little awkward you can remember my first date where we went on a scavanger hunt picnic and then couldn`t find all the food haha =)
That`s also so great that Kyle is enjoying himself and doing well! Now Dad has someone else to practice his Spanish. I`m sure you will do incredibly, Mom, on your musical number in church next Sunday.  Don`t worry about it, whenever you play I can really feel that you are giving a testimony through the music and I am always so grateful =)  What Kyle said though is 100% true about the singers here as well haha.  One time I tried to sing parts and the member next to nudged me and laughed because he thought I had messed up the melody. Very funny people. =)

Things have been going well here as well, which is always a nice feeling. They changed the branch presidency yesterday and I almost cried when one of my close friends, Henrry Lleguno, was called as the 2nd consejero of the branch. Elder Lizana and I helped him in the process to re-activate and he`s now been a faithful member for 3 months! He was a little nervous and surprised (because they called him for his interview an hour before the meeting started) but he is willing to serve.
Our other investigators are progressing really well, and we`re working a lot better with our branch to find new people to teach which has been a real help and blessing. The rains cooled down a little bit with only one big storm this week, but other than that, no unusual activity. =)
I hope that everything goes well for you in the following days. Dad I know you can beat Joseph. Just keep trying =)
Lots of love,
Elder Hales

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