Monday, February 9, 2015

My Dear Family,

Things here have been flying by and I can`t believe it`s Monday again. It sounds like things have been very busy for both of us.

I was so sad to hear about Clark`s passing. He was always so kind in everything that he did, and I never heard anything leave his mouth that didn`t edify someone else. It is such a blessing that we can have the hope that a knowledge of the gospel plan brings about such subjects and I know he is still smiling and helping others just in a new way now. I`ll be thinking about you guys a lot next Tuesday during the funeral.
We have continued our work with part member families, and we`re really excited that the new branch presidency is so excited to help us with the work. We`ve already made a lot of changes in how the branch is run, especially in ward council. We`ve really gotten organized and are overcoming the challenges of the branch one at a time. It`s so nice that the new presidency is so animated to work and sacrifice their time which I am so grateful for.
And then this Saturday we were able to see the baptism of one of our 19 year old investigators named Genero Omar. He´s the other son of Hermana Gloria, and while we`ve been teaching Gloria the recent convert lessons, he also took the challenge to be baptized to heart and we were so happy to see his progression. He loves the changes he`s already seen in his life and in his family.

That`s all that`s new for us here, and if there is anything that I can do for you guys just write me.
All my love from the middle of the world,  =)
Elder Hales

Genero's baptism

Gloria and her family

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