Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My Dear Family!

That was so fun to hear about all the adventures of last week! I was glad to see that Jacob could enjoy the dance in my old vest. haha =) And it sounds like Joseph is becoming quite the athlete!

I was so glad to hear that everyone is doing well, and I hope that you were all able to travel to California safely.

I also did a little bit of traveling today (That´s why I´m writing so late, sorry!) I had my first sector change today! The zone leaders called us a little later than 11 PM last night and told us to be in Guayaquil at 11 AM (a two and a half hour bus ride). When we got there in the termanal I found out that I´m now serving in a little larger city called Babahoyo with Elder Alucema (the Elder from Chile that knows Kyle. It´s such a small world in the gospel sometimes.) 

Anyways, we arrived just in time for Carnival. I think the holiday is a part of all of Latin America except Chile, and it´s basically 3 days of just throwing water and paint at anyone that moves in the street. Everyone is throwing water balloons, painting faces, it´s basically a never ending party. (As I´m writing you I´m currently dripping wet in my P-day Clothes hahaha =) ) It´s such an interesting tradition. Nothing is really open today, and it´s even bigger than New Years' Eve was in Vinces, but that might be because Babahoyo is slightly larger.

Sorry I´m so brief this week, We´ve got to go because P-Day is ending really soon and we still have to buy food for the week, but I hope that everyone can have a peaceful moment at the funeral. Tell Doris from me that I love her a lot!

Good luck in all the crazy things you guys do in the week,
Lots of Love,
Elder Hales! =)

This is a beautiful mosiac of the Virgin Mary in Babahoyo

In Babahoyo, they have these floating houses.  Babahoyo sits in between two rivers and has a population of about 153,000.

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