Saturday, May 21, 2016

Querida Familia!

I´m glad that everyone is at least doing better if not fully recovered, We´ll be sending lots of prayers and love from down here. I´m glad that Jacob's ankle is feeling better though and that Joseph is back in school. I´m sure he would not want to miss all those end of school parties ;) I´m also happy that you were able to get out a little bit, Mom! We all love you so much and are happy to see that you´re recovering. =)

Well, it has been an super jam packed week again! (that seems to becoming the standard here) and I´m glad that it´s almost Sunday again. =)

We managed to make it through all the zone conferences! Getting everyone through the temple/through all the meals went a lot smoother than it has in the past which is good. We´ve been pretty busy getting ready for all the conferences next week. I´ll be happy when it´s all over, but at the same time a little stressed because when the temple conferences are over it´ll be time to get ready for when Elder Rasband comes.

Speaking of that, the choir is sounding so good! I´m so excited for everyone who has the chance to sing! This Monday will be the first day that we´ll have the practices with the South Mission as well, but we´re going to bring our electric piano and have them learn their parts separately and then practice all together. They decided to let everyone sing in the choir who has been practicing. I am so glad that nobody had to be asked not to sing, but some missionaries will not be able to sit on the stand. It should be great!

As far as the earthquakes, here we only felt slightly above normal tremors, but the real effects were psychological. There´s an almost ominous feeling that everyone has with worrying about another huge earthquake. These last two  earthquakes were relatively small compared to the first one, but luckily everyone is safe and we are all doing well. =)

Sorry to be brief this week but I´m actually going to go to Vinces right now with the assistants for their district conference. (Apparently there is no one who could play the piano for them but I´m not complaining because I´ll get to say hello to a bunch of old friends =) ) So we´ll be going in about half an hour. 

I hope everyone has a great week! No one else is allowed to get sick! (knock on wood) 

With lots of love,
Elder Hales =)

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