Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mi Querida Familia!

It looks like everyone has managed to keep busy which is always good to hear! Mom, I´m so happy that you are able to keep up with all the things you need to do, and that you´re feeling a little better. I hope you know that you are in our prayers. You and the rest of the family too of course! I was really impressed with all the decorations for teacher appreciation week. 

It has been such an incredible fast moving week! I feel like the weeks are just passing by in big blurs! 
The biggest news is that Elder Rydalch is back home and (from what Hermana Riggins has told us) enjoying his time with his family. Mom, to answer your question, our new assistant is an elder from Canada who´s name is Elder Mclean. He´s a hard worker and I´m sure he´ll have some great ideas for the mission. I hope he´s had a really good week though, because this Monday, Elder Salcedo (our other assistant from Guatamala) is also going home. We´ve had the great blessing of having some really good assistants.

Last Saturday right after we wrote home, we went to the assistants' baptism. When we got to our investigators house who was going to come with us, he came out and told us that they could no longer come. We felt bad, but we wanted to go to the baptism anyways to show our support for Elder Rydalch. On our way over we were talking to the taxi driver and invited him to come to the service with us. He said he couldn´t because he was working, but when we got there we invited him again and he said he would stay for the first 15 minutes! We were so excited, and he came in and loved the service! He stayed the whole time (hour and 15 minutes) and then gave us his number and address to go and visit him! Turns out he lives in another mission, but we were so happy to have been placed in his path and to help him feel the spirit for a night. =)

This Monday two sister missionaries from our district also are finishing their mission. (It sounds like a big group is going home.) One is Hermana Trochez from Colombia, and the other is Hermana Yeakey who has been the mission nurse. She´s been an office missionary for her entire 18 months, and has talked a lot about how she´s so happy that she had this opportunity to serve other missionaries. She said that she was really shocked when she opened her call and it said she would be serving as a mission nurse, but she has done an incredible job keeping us all healthy. We sure will miss them too! It´s so crazy to me that Lizze is home! 

Choir practice is also going well! We finished learning the first song! One of the songs we are singing is a medley of Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel and Onward Christian Shoulders. It´s so great to get to hear good music. And we found a pianist! She´s been practicing really hard, and I´m grateful that she´s willing to take some time out of her area to practice and help us out. It´s Hermana Wilson who was in Guayaquil with us about a month or so ago. We also found out that the apostle who´s coming to our mission in June is Elder Rasband! We´re all really excited and praying that the choir will turn out well.

I hope that everything is going well back in Utah. Remember that I´m praying for you always! Thank you all for your love and support,
Have a great week! We´ll see you tomorrow!!! =)

Elder Hales

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