Monday, June 1, 2015

My Dearest Family!
Sorry but we´ve had real computer problems today and for like 45 minutes we could only read, but not write our emails, so sorry in advance for being short. :p
First I´m happy that Mom and Dad got home safely. Mom, you should send me a copy of your talk. And Dad, let me just tell you that I hope that all the things I learn here as a missionary will help me to become a father like you. You are so incredible!
I was really sad to hear about Jacob´s classmate. I remember that the news about Megan Grunswald really hit me hard, and I just knew her from fourth and fifth grade. I´m glad for Jacob´s choice to turn to the gospel for comfort.
I hope Issac is getting ready to have a great summer! I think it would be really awesome, Isaac, if you put some goals of things you want to do during this time. 1 goal for the gospel, 1 goal for something physical like running or biking with Dad, and one goal to help you with your great talents you have. (like piano or art :) ) You have so much great potential, Isaac!
Joseph I´m glad you made your soccer team! I was praying that everything would be good for you. =) You are such a super star! When I get home I´m not sure that I´ll still be able to beat you. ;)
As for me, we had a pretty good week but kind of slow. My companion was sick for two days so that was hard for doing the work, but there was a lot of good things that we could do. One of the highlights was a Primary activity where they played traditional children´s games from Ecuador. They have this really interesting top that they play with that runs with strings, and they also have the wooden spike and ball that Jacob liked playing with before I left. (Kendama or something like that haha) This week we´re looking forward to our stake conference. That will be really great! I think our mission president is going to speak.
I love all of you so much! 
Elder Hales =)

Jonathan with prize winning pigs in his area

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