Monday, June 8, 2015

Dear Family,
Well I´m glad that everyone has settled back into their regular lives, (Except my brothers who just ended school. By the way I think that´s a great idea about getting things done before 11 AM. It is such a true principle that when we do the things we need to do first, and then later the things we want to do, we have so much more time in the day.) I had almost forgotten that it was summer in the states haha =) 

The rainstorm sounded really powerful! Here the rains are coming to a end until next January, which hopefully also means that the heat will also go down a little. 

Mom, I´m glad that everyone enjoyed the fireside! It sounds like it was very succesfull, and Dad, I imagine that it´s both fun and stressful to have some one job shadow you. The only thing I can relate that to is training a new missionary, and I´ve heard that it has it´s ups and downs and is a little stressful at times. But luckily your nurse practioner has an incredible doctor as her guide. =)

Saturday we got to go to the temple! We went with a family of 4 that recently re-activated, and one new convert. They got to go because they had been working on their family histories, and it was such a special experience to be with them in the baptistry. The new convert (Brenda) did the work for her mother who died 2 years ago, and one member got to do the work for her daughter who had passed away a few years ago. There´s a little bit of confusion about the work for the dead here, because they keep trying to print names of their deceased relatives who were members of the church when they were alive. That took a little bit of explaining but it all worked out in the end and everyone was happy. =)

This week is also stake conference! Our ward is really excited and we have a goal that 165 members will come to the conference. Last Sunday 132 members were in Sacrament meeting, so I know that if we work really hard this week inviting everyone that we can get there! It would be the record attendence in ward history if I´m not mistaken. The ward has become so excited about missionary work and the work is so much more joyful in an animated ward.

I wish you all the best of luck this week and I love you a lot!
Elder Hales =)

at the temple

fun on P-Day

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