Monday, June 22, 2015

Hola Family!
It sounds like you all had a great week! I`m glad Jacob was able to enjoy EFY. That`s so crazy that Emily`s going to the first BYU football game! Actually it seems more crazy to me that BYU football is starting again. You`ll have to keep me super updated. =) Also Emily, ¡Te felicito por tomar un curso de Español! Remember if you have any questions I`d be more than happy to try to help (but I also know that there are plenty of RMs that know Spanish at BYU =)

Here in Babahoyo there have been little changes every week, and before I know it everything is different. In the zone the only missionary that is still here from when I got here is my companion, Elder Alucema. In our ward we work with a pair of sister missionaries as well, and there have been 7 different sister missionaries in the time that Elder Alucema and I have been together. It`s so crazy how time flies! 

The biggest news in all of Ecuador is that the pope is coming to visit the 8th of July. You would not believe how many poeple in the street have asked us what our church is going to do for the arrival of the pope. We just smile and tell them that we are not affiliated in any way with his visit. My companion has been telling all the members the same joke about how every deacon in the world has more power in the preisthood than all the popes put together. But in a few weeks all the Catholics in Ecuador are going to gather together in Guayaquil to hear him speak.
We were cleaning our house this last Wednesday, and we found a 21 page list of less active members in the ward. There are more than 250 names of people that live in our sector. We`ve had a ton of success finding these people with their old friends in the ward, and that`s been really fulfilling to see them change their lives. We`re working with one man named Hector Peña, who was baptized almost 25 years ago, and it has been so touching to see him be able to leave behind alcoholism and come back to the church. He`s still a little fragile, but the whole ward has been supporting him and he doesn`t feel so alone anymore.

I hope you all enjoy your next week! I`ll be thinking about the family this weekend during the MS 100, and I`ll have to repent and go with everyone when I get home. I hope you are safe in your various outdoor adventures these next couple of days!
Lots of love for everyone, =)
Elder Hales.
Catholic church in Babahoyo

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