Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My Dear Family,
It was so fantastic to see you all yesterday, and I was so happy to see that everyone was so happy and smiling. Jacob, Isaac and Joseph have all grown so much and I just loved talking to each of you. I hope you know Mom that I was thinking about you all day and all the wonderful small things that you always do that too often go without thanks. Thank you for being my superhero! =)

As for a mosquito net, they sell them here, but it is unbearably hot inside. They don`t bite us often, almost never in the house. If we keep the windows closed then we`re okay but thank you for thinking about us. If you would like however, the mother of the house we were at might enjoy a Betty Crocker cake mix. I made the last cake at her house for a family that got married and she was so amazed at how easy it was to make. I think she would enjoy one. 

I wish you a lot of luck in your race on Saturday, Dad! (Reid is running in the Ogden half marathon.) Families are so important and we`re so grateful for all you do. 

This week for us was really nice. The rainy season has become the light sprinkle season, and it`s such a relief because the heat has also been cooling down. It`s so nice to be walking and feel an occasional breeze. This has been a real testimony of how God listens to even our silent prayers. =)

We`ve been working with a less active family, and the 4 wives have all started coming to church again. They are the Family Calderon. Now they are even bringing their husbands to church with them which is awesome because they are not members, (Yet ;) ) We`ve had a lot of success with helping less active families here in Babahoyo which has really brought me great joy. 

I hope that you can all keep doing well, and that you`re enjoying the last few weeks of the school year. Emily if you want feel free to ask whatever Spanish question you have, and if I don`t understand I`ll ask my companion. ;) Mom and Dad good luck in your talk preparation and in your race! I`ll be praying for you this next Wednesday. Joseph, good luck in your soccer tryouts! You are such a champion and when I get back I hope I can still beat you ;) Jacob, good luck with your AP test! Isaac, keep up the clarinet! I promise that it will bless your life in so many ways. (Plus it`s really fun :) )

I love you all!
Elder Hales =)

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