Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hola Familia!
So many fun and interesting things are happening here. =) 
This Wednesday I went to the Post Office and there was a little notecard with Spanish vocabulary on it, and Hermana Wainwright´s (Jessica From Band) name was on the top corner, so I thought I would just give it to her in the comador at dinner. When I went and talked to her, her companion looked at my name tag and saw my name was Elder Hales. She then asked me if I knew a Kyle Mahony who served a mission in Oklahoma. It turns out that Kyle was the Elder that taught the lessons and baptized this family. Now she´s going on a mission! It´s such a small world in the gospel sometimes. Her name is Hermana Bradshaw. =D We´re keeping really busy, but our district has also started a P-Day olympics, including white board curling, pen high jumping, and a couple of other track and field events haha.It´s pretty much a blast, and don´t worry I got pictures. :) 

It´s weird thinking that today I´m officially halfway done with my time in the CCM.  I´ve gotten into a pretty good rhythm now. The food here is pretty good, it´s cafeteria style Mexican food, but there are always sandwiches everyday if you´d rather have that, and every Tuesday is pizza night from Costco, so that just makes P-Day even better. =)

Elder Waters used to run cross country in high school and convinced our casa to start an 8 minute abs workout every night, so we´re pretty sore in the mornings, but it´s a lot of fun, and everyone gets to know each other better because talking helps you take your mind off of planks. ;) 

Sundays are always a blast here, (except there´s a little tension during Sacrament Meeting, because no one knows who´s going to be speaking. President Pratt came and visited our Branch Sacrament Meeting last week haha) but we always have two devotionals that are so great, one by the Mission President in person, and then we watch a video of one of the apostle´s speaking to missionaries in the Provo MTC. They tell us to take really good notes, because what the brothers say in the MTC is not in the public church domain. They´re always so powerful! 

Things feel familiar here, like the bathrooms and the branch buildings are just like every church building in the United States, but at the same time there are constant reminders of how far away you are from home. I think the biggest one is probably the massive Mexico flag that hangs in the center of the CCM. It´s hard sometimes, but the Lord has confirmed to me so many times that this is what I´m supposed to be doing.
 In Mexico, Dora speaks English:)
The white board curling game score

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