Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hola Familia!
Things are going very well here, but I think one Elder said it best when he said the days feel like weeks, but the weeks feel like days. But one thing is for sure, everyone loves P-day!
We just taught the first lesson to our second investigator Luis, who is interested in the church because he just lost a nephew who was serving a mission, and I think Elder Bagley and I did pretty well. It´s incredible how much Spanish is here. We just got a new teacher this last week, who really laid down the law. As a district our goal is to learn 25 new Spanish words a day, 6 Spanish phrases, and a scripture every day! The thing that´s killing a lot of people though is the HSI rule, (Habla su Idioma, or speak your language.) Here at the CCM you´re supposed to use all the Spanish you know at all times. The first thing Hermano Silva said to us when he walked into the room was,´´How do you say God, Brother and Sister, in Spanish?´´ After we answered him he said, ´´Okay I never want to hear you say the words God, Brother or Sister again, understand?´´ The new rule is if you´re caught saying a word in English that you know in Spanish you need to do 25 push ups haha. 
During gym our district has started playing cage soccer with district 14A, and it´s so fun. All those crazy games in the back yard with my brothers are really paying off. When I get back I bet I can give Jacob a good run for his money. ;)

It´s so weird to think that school is starting and things are winding back into their standard routine back home. How Is Isaac enjoying the 7th Grade? I was really sad to hear about Joseph, and I hope he´s doing better. Is Jacob enjoying choir so far? Is he excited for the first Ultimate practice on Friday? How are things at the devil´s high school? ;)  

The days are really starting to blur together here, which I´m not sure if that´s a good thing or not. We have the exact same schedule for everyday except P-day and Sunday which is always a good experience, (unless you´re called to speak and the mission president is visiting that week haha). It´s crazy thinking I´ve already been out here for two weeks. My life is so incredibly different now than before, but I´m excited I get this chance to serve the Lord.
Lots of love 
Elder Hales

P.S. If you still want some Spanish sentences I can give you some lines of verses I´m memorizing in Spanish. It will be your job to find the reference. ;)

´´...no temo lo que El hombre haga, porque el amor perfecto desecha todo temor.´´

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