Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hello Family!!
         Things are a lot different here in Mexico but I guess I should tell you everything in order so I don`t leave anything out. =D
         The flights were good, but naturally I was really tired. There were five of us flying out from Salt Lake, Elder Bagley, Elder Cummons, Elder Noel, Elder Fulmner, and Elder Hales! The flight to Dallas was fine, but a really sweet man in first class with a missionary in Korea bought us water and a snack on the plane. He was so sweet! When we landed we met up with 9 more missionaries in Texas so we had a party of 14 flying down to Mexico City. On the plane ride there, Elder Cummons and I were able to talk to a Latino woman sitting next to us (because she spoke flawless english haha) but she was really interested in what he had to tell her about The Book of Mormon and she took my extra Libro de Mormon and read it the whole flight down to Mexico! It´s so exciting to be a servant of the Lord.
          When we arrived in Mexico, there were about 75 missionaries in the airport, and the line to get through customs was crazy! The bus ride there was a little scary as well because let`s just say that there are not a lot of traffic laws in Mexico. But at about 6:30 we finally arrived at the CCM in one piece. When I got there Elder Gardner and Elder Jolly came up and said hello which was really nice because everything here feels foreign. Even the keyboard I´m writing on is in Spanish, so I have to use an accent key instead of an apostrophe haha. Everything is in Spanish, and the teachers only speak to us in Spanish which has made learning the lessons a little difficult, but I´ve already learned a lot! It`s insane how fast the pace is here. Our first real day was Thursday, and we were already teaching our first investigator on Friday, and it had to be 100% in Spanish. I´m pretty sure it wasn´t real though because I saw he was wearing garments haha. It was really difficult at first, but it´s getting easier every time and we´ve already taught him 3 times. 
          My compañero is Elder Bagley, (the same Elder I met on my flight here) and he went to Skyline High School. He´s pretty fun and relaxed about everything, which is cool but I have to make sure we get to meetings on time. We only get an hour in the computer lab, and I spent most of that reading all the great letters I got, so I have to go. I love you guys so much!!
Good luck with your week and I´ll see you next dia de preporation. ;)
Elder Hales 

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