Monday, June 6, 2016

Hello Family!

I feel like the worst son ever right now! Sorry to keep you all waiting! My new companion (Èlder Garìa from Perú) is going home in two weeks and needed to do some things in the mission office that took up most of the day, but they gave as permission to write a little late. 

I`m glad that everyone is taking full advantage of the summer vacations! I can`t believe that school`s out already! I`m sure though that the boys will keep everyone busy even without homework. haha. =)

I got transferred out of the office on Sunday night! Then they asked me to spend all day Monday with the new office missionary to show him what to do. It was a little strange because what usually happens is that they put the new office missionary in a trio for 2-3 weeks so that they can learn everything that they need to do, but they just sent me out. I was really sad to leave the office and all the great friends I had made, but I guess that the Lord really does know better than I do. 

But before I was transferred we were able to have the baptism! It was a great way to say goodbye (even though I still didn`t know that I would be leaving).  I was really surprised when I got the call because I was with President Riggins and the assistants all day for the district conference in Ventanas, but I guess they wanted it to be a surprise.

I`m still in Guayaquil though, so I`ll be able to lead the choir on Saturday. President and Hermana Riggins came to the choir practice today, and said that they were really impressed with all our progress! I`m sure that we`ll do well, and it will be nice to have a front row seat! ;) It`s going to be a little crazy trying to get everything ready, but I`m sure that it`ll come out great!

My new sector is huge! We really need to learn how to use the Guayaquil bus system! Both the airport and the bus terminal are in our sector so we have a lot of geography to cover, but not that many actual houses. My new ward is called ``Las Americas`` which I thought was kind of funny. It`s one of the smallest wards in Guayaquil, and I`m glad because I still play the piano on Sundays.

We`re going to be working hard this week to make sure that all our investigators go to the stake conference with Elder Rasband this weekend! It should be a great week!

And I`m so sorry for not sending pictures out (again :p) but in the mad rush to pack my bags, I left my camera at home. I`ll be sure to get it though in the next district meeting.

I love you all!  I hope you have a great week!

Lots of love,
Elder Hales =)


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