Sunday, March 20, 2016

¡Mi Querida Familia!

It sounds like everyone deserves a really big congratulations! I´m so proud of my younger brothers for finishing AIM and Federation! There is something so rewarding about playing beautiful music! I´m so proud to have such a talented family. =) And Joseph, that is so awesome that you won the Pinewood Derby! You probably won because you always run the fastest inside the house. ;)

Dad, I´m glad that you´re on your way home. I remember that the house was not the same when you were in Boston. Also I´m glad that you´re feeling so much better! It´s never fun to be sick. :P one of our APs had Pneumonia last week poor guy, but he saw a doctor and is recovering. I´ll be praying for you, Dad, that you can stay healthy before your race!

We managed to stay busy with the temple conferences this week. They were Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of last week, and they´ll be on those same days in this next week as well. What I love most about helping with the zone conferences is that we get to go to the temple with all the zones. There is such an incredible peace and spirit in the temple, and going there has become even better now that I´ve gotten to know all the temple workers because they´re members of our ward. =)

As far as the actual conferences went, they were really interesting. They talked to us a lot about the Word of Wisdom. Apparently there are a lot of missionaries getting really sick and losing a lot of weight. They warned us again about the dangers of eating the food that is sold on the street corners. I feel like I have been so blessed with great health during my whole mission. Hearing stories from other missionaries, it´s been really incredible that in my whole service so far, I´ve only had one ´´sick day´´. The Lord really does take care of his missionaries. =)

Another thing they talked a lot about was the importance of tithing. Here in South America, having the faith to pay tithing is a real challenge. Just one of the take away ideas that President Riggins said was that we pay tithing, not because money is important to the Lord, but because paying tithing reminds us that the Lord is more important than money. I really liked that thought. We see so many examples in the Book of Mormon of the Nephites and Lamonites getting carried away with their possessions. This is a great lesson to remember!

Tomorrow marks the first day of Easter week, and as a zone we´re going to do a devotional for the whole stake! We´re really excited, and I´m going to play the piano which will be fun. We´re going to watch the new church video on ´´´´ and then have a couple of talks and sing some Easter hymns. It should be really fun! 

I´m so grateful for all your great letters, and I hope that you all have a fantastic week! Jacob enjoy MORP! And Emily, I know that you´ll find a job in exactly the right place that needs you. =) I love you all! Take care!

Lots of Love,
Elder Hales =)

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