Saturday, February 27, 2016

Mi Querida Familia! =)

It sounds like everyone had an eventful week! Dad, I´m glad that you´re getting so many good service opportunities, and Mom that´s so great that you are able to do a special musical number in Relief Society in the 7th ward! You have such a wonderful talent with the piano, and it is always such a treat to hear you play.

It also sounds like Jacob enjoyed the choir tour. I will say though that I thoroughly enjoyed Disneyland when I went at the end of my senior year. But I would say that 95% of the fun you have at Disneyland depends on if you have good people to wait in line with you. haha =) It also sounds like Joseph is doing so well with his fish! He told me that both are still alive and I was very impressed. Isaac I´m also really proud of all the exercise you´ve been getting in. You´ll be a great help to your mountain biking team!

On Monday I got your package! I was so happy, and my roommates were also happy because there was plenty of candy to share. ;) Thank you for always thinking about me, I hope that everyone had a Happy Valentine´s Day. 

One of the big advantages of working in the office is that we live with the President's assistants. On Tuesday they gave some really stunning news. During our companionship study, Elder Rydalch came in and told us that my companion, Elder Gemmell, is going to be transferred this Monday from the office and is going to my old sector in Ventanas! The new elder that is coming in has been really sick and they´re trying to help him to be able to stay in the mission. They are hoping that being in the office will be good for his health. He´s actually an elder that got to Ecuador on the same day that I did, but from the Provo MTC. It´ll be interesting having a new companion as this will be my first companion change in the office. I I hope that I can help my new companion adapt to the changes. Elder Gemmell is pretty bitter sweet about leaving. There are good things and bad things about each transfer. All this week though he´s been busy trying to get things ready for the new elder coming in. We went to Chili´s today as a sort of goodbye lunch. It was great and everyone was really happy just being together.

A mission president has a lot of responsibilities, but one of the biggest duties is that the mission president is in charge of all of the districts and branches in the mission. In our mission limits there are three districts, Vinces, El Triunfo, and Ventanas. So every missionary that leaves from one of those branches has to come to the mission office and have an interview with Presidente Riggins and get set apart. Yesterday one of the young men that would come with us to teach our lessons came into the office and President invited me to be part of the circle while he was set apart! It was definitely the spiritual highlight of the week and made me remember a lot of good memories from my time in both Vinces and Ventanas. The gospel really is such an incredible gift that links our lives with so many others.

This next week should be really exciting as well. We have a couple of big things in store for March. There are going to be Zone conferences in just a few weeks, and then the monthly leadership conference as well. The Church is also coming out with an Easter campaign. I don´t know if the video has come out in the states yet, but we´re still waiting for them to release it here. It looks really good! The Church always tries to do special things for Christmas and Easter.

I hope everyone has a great week! Just think in two or three more weeks, AIM, Federation,and third quarter, will be all over! I can´t believe how quickly time is flying!

I love you all, and remember that you´re in my prayers! 
Lots of love,

Elder Hales =) 

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