Saturday, February 6, 2016

Dear Family,

I´m sorry that we got on the computer so early today! I know that you all like having time to write on Saturday mornings (and the time difference doesn´t help either). The office is going to close today early because this weekend is a national holiday here. I don´t know how we forgot, but this is the weekend of Carnival so that should be really interesting. I don´t think the people will be as crazy here as they were in the small town of Babahoyo but I guess you never really know!

On Tuesday and Wednesday there were conferences for all the zone leaders in the mission and we got to go to the temple with them in the morning. I know I´ve said this a couple of times already, but the temple is truly a ´´home away from home´´ and I´m so glad that we have a temple in our mission! We even went again today in the morning for an early P-day activity. =)

This week has been a little quiet, but we´ve been trying to get ready for this next week. A lot of missionaries go home tomorrow, and we need to do our presentations with them, and also get everything ready in the mission for the new missionaries that are coming here. But it´s always fun to greet the new missionaries. They have a great spirit about them. 

I´m really glad to hear that Grandpa is recovering from his broken hip. Really I think both of my sets of grandparents have been blessed with great strength. When I told my companion that Grandpa had gotten hurt he told me ´´Well what was he doing working out on a farm at his age?´´ I thought it was so funny, because Grandpa is so full of life and energy.

Sorry to write so little this week, but we need to go over to President´s house to get things ready for his last dinner with the missionaries that are going home. 

I love you and pray for you always! Have an incredible week!

Love Elder Hales =)
Riding bikes on the island of Santay

Crocodile refuge

Pizza! Pizza!

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