Monday, September 28, 2015

Hola Familia!

I´m glad to hear that everything is getting back to normal, and that all is well in zion. =) I was really surprised to hear about Bishop Crump! He really is such a loving person, and I remember countless activites that he would go out of his way to be there and support us. For me, Bishop Crump is an outstanding example of magnifying his calling. I still can´t belive that it has been five years already. But I´m also sure that Bishop Felts is already working extremely hard and that the ward will keep growing strong.

We really enjoyed our conference with Elder Calderon, He talked a lot about our manner of teaching, and even practiced teaching with us. You could tell that all his suggestions were heartfelt and that he really wanted us to improve in our ability to bring people to Christ. One of the gems that I took away from his teaching is that to teach with the spirit, we must teach with His attributes. We talked about how the spirit always uplifts and edifies, invites and persuades us as He teaches. Also the Spirit teaches to each of us individually depending on our needs and experiences. I´m excited to try a couple of the suggestions that he gave to us!

We´re actually not through with conferences, because this Friday we´re going to Guayaquil and the temple! I think President wants to rephrase all the things that Elder Calderon suggested for the mission. So we will be in Guayaquil all day Friday, and then Saturday and Sunday is General Conference! We are trying to get everyone excited to go and see the sessions, because our Relief Society President told us that 10 sisters in the whole district went to the General Woman´s broadcast. I think there was probably just a misunderstanding, because they also didn´t announce it in Sacrament meeting which was too bad.

As for our little ice cream contest we ended up changing the rules that if we received more than five references that we would both buy each other a 25 cent ice cream bar to make it less of a contest, but still a fun way to try and find people. We ended up meeting our goal 4 times during the week! And we found a lot of new people to teach. It was a fun change. =)

One of the most interesting things that happened this week is that I went out with our zone leaders to Quinsa-loma (a little town about an hour outside of Ventanas) to do a baptismal interview, and the couple ended up getting baptized in the river there because it was so far from the chapel. It was a real testimony building experience to see how this family was willing to sacrifice and get up at 5 AM in the morning to be able to be at church for the 8 AM sacrament meeting. 

I´m glad that everyone was able to have a great week! I´m glad you´re all keeping busy and that everyone is doing so well. Remember that you are always in my prayers.
Lots of love,
Elder Hales =)  

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