Saturday, December 5, 2015

My Dear Family,

I was so happy to read all of the great things that you all did for Thanksgiving, and I´m also happy that everyone is in the Christmas spirit! I didn´t hear that much about it but I´m sure that Jacob also had a fantastic birthday. I can´t believe that he´s already 17. When did that happen? It´s so crazy for me that 2015 is already coming to an end as well! 

Emily, I´m so proud that you´ll be starting your student teaching! I think that´s so great, and when I get back you´ll probably be a full time math teacher! It´s an exciting time =)

Mom, I´m also so happy to hear that you´ll be having your Organ recital!That is such an accomplishment and you 
are an incredible musician. =) 

Isaac, that´s also so impressive to me that you finished your eagle project! You did something very important that will make a long impact on the city of Draper and I´m proud of you. =) 

Joseph sounds like he is enjoying life too, and I´m happy that everyone is doing better from the flu. The flu season is about to start here too, so fingers crossed that there aren´t too many bugs going around. 

Being in the office has been a very big change. I don´t think I´ve had such a busy week in my whole time here! I´m the Historidor, which means my main job is working with the baptismal records. Every Monday all the missionaries that had baptisms scan me a copy of the record, and then I have to type it into the system. That´s the most important thing I do, but I also work with sending all the references of the mission to the right sectors, and making the graphs and statistics of the mission. But we get to do a little bit of everything because sometimes the finance guy needs to got to the bank and I´ll go with him, or the materials secretary needs someone to help him pick up the mail, and we´ll go help him carry the packages. We are in the office from 11-5 usually and in our sector from 5-9. 

This week has been even more busy because all of the zones from the mission having been coming to Guayaquil for zone conferences. I guess I didn´t really think about all the behind the scenes stuff that goes on to help the zone conferences, but we were helping with the breakfast, and serving the lunches, as well as teaching a little bit about the new reference manager that there is in the church website. The zone conferences are going to continue all next week as well, so we´ll stay busy. =)

There are a lot of good things about being in the office too, though, One is living in the mission home which has hot water. haha =) And I´m happy that I have this small chance to serve my fellow missionaries. 

As for a ponderize scripture, I really enjoy the verse in Joshua 24:15. It has a great family element. =)

I hope you all have a fantastic week, and thank you for helping me get into the Christmas spirit a little more. I hope that everything goes well for everyone, 

Lots of love,
Elder Hales =)

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