Monday, July 27, 2015

Hola Familia!

Wow! It sounds like you all had such a spiritually uplifting week! What a great experience it must have been to have been able to see the conversion process of Xinyuan. One thing I have definitely learned here is that the plan of our loving Father is so perfect. There are moments when the universe lines up so perfectly to be able to share the gospel knowledge. In Preach my Gospel it says ``have faith in the fact that Heavenly Father is preparing people specifically for you, and that these people will cross your path.´´ I think that is such a beautiful promise. The only thing we need to have is the courage to open our mouths with the people that cross our paths. =)

That`s also so great to hear about Katie`s farewell and Khale`s return report! I`m so proud of the geat missionary sevice in our ward. It sounds like Khale was a great missionary, and I know that Katie won't have problems sharing the gospel. 

Also, Mom and Jacob, congratulations on your duet! I`m glad that you got to play together, and I know that the music really blessed the members. Reading and studying about the sacrifices of the early saints has made me really grateful for all the sacrifices that they were willing to make so that we could be born in Zion. God really knows the best for us, and we are so blessed to know of his loving plan.

Here in Ventanas we had a really busy week. In our zone there is a small branch that is one hour away from Ventanas called Catarama.  I went there three times! We went once as a zone because the mission recently put two new sisters in the area, and they were feeling very overwhelmed because they did not have anyone to teach. All 12 of the missionaries went to go contact people for two hours. Then my companion and I went back a second time to do a baptismal interview for the other missionaries in Catarama, and the lady that got baptized asked if we could come to her service, so we also went Saturday. It was a lot of traveling, but it was so great to see the sacrifices that this sister is willing to take to be able to have the gospel in her life.

Then to top it all off, we had branch conference yesterday and President Riggins came to visit us. In the afternoon he gave a really powerfull meeting to all of the priesthood in the district. He had us read from D&C 20:45-55 and had us see all of the duties of the elders, priests, teachers, and deacons. Then he asked the branch presidents if they were willing to let the young men fullfill these roles. It was very powerful. President Riggins has a way of letting you know you`re doing something wrong, but you`re either laughing or feeling the love he has for the work so you don`t really feel bad. =)

I`m glad that everyone is enjoying the last few weeks of summer! (I can`t believe it`s almost August!) I hope that you are all safe and happy!
Lots of Love
Elder Hales =)

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